Term Condition

Packages and services displayed on devinternational.co are providing prices applicable during a particular time period to the visitors to get an idea. Actual prices of the tour might be same or more or less as per the season. There may be changes in the pricing and services depending upon the time of booking. Besides seasonal and festival times, the charges and services also depend upon reasons like Force Majeure and unforeseen political conditions in the tourist destination.

Thus, the prices quoted here are relevant but not accurate. The prices are calculated at a certain time of the year on the basis of the rate prevailing at that particular time. Hence they might not be similar during all the months of the year. We request our visitors to contact us and enquire about the accurate prices for particular time period. Prices during peak season and festive times like New Year are subject to fluctuate without any notice to the visitors.

Any discount or schemes or membership offers floated by us might not be valid during peak seasons or due to any other reason and we hold right to invalidate such special pricing.

The prices given are calculated on the basis of currency fluctuations, fuel costs, taxes, and charges levied by the airlines / railways / transporters, and other reasons. Hence, any increase in such prices impacts the services and rates of our holiday packages.

Moreover, the price change might also be activated in some cases if the date of the arrival/departure is not similar as booked and scheduled before.

Customers using our website should understand and accept that the products, price, and services quoted in the website are subject to change and withdrawal.

We, Dev International reserve right to increase/decrease the prices and services without any prior intimation.

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